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Cities We Cover

We cover information about some of the most exciting real estate markets throughout the United States and the world. Here on our site, you’ll find featured content regarding a variety of different properties and trends in the real estate industry. While we don’t limit ourselves to any select cities, here are the ones we have been focusing on recently.


  • San Francisco: The Bay Area’s housing market has been notoriously difficult for years, with prices and demand at huge highs. We cover the area to help you find the best deals and hidden gem properties to make your housing hunt a little easier.
  • Austin: Texas’ capital has been one of the most interesting places in the US for many years now. As many start-ups have moved there, real estate values have gone up dramatically. However, it’s still quite accessible when compared to many of the larger markets, making it an interesting place for young professionals.
  • Oklahoma City: This once-small city is now making a name for itself. The area is experiencing tons of population growth, and prices are still quite low, making it a good area for real estate investment. We’re excited to see what’s next for this area of the country.
  • Boston: For those on the East Coast, Boston is one of the most interesting places to invest in real estate. Although property values are very high, they aren’t quite as expensive as nearby New York, and the high demand means they’re only likely to increase in the future.


  • Shanghai: As one of the world’s most populous cities, Shanghai offers tons of potential for future growth. Residential real estate values saw over a five percent increase in 2015, and this number may continue to go up as the Chinese economy continues to dominate the world.
  • Mumbai: India’s economy continues to grow as tech jobs and companies land there, and this is reflected in real estate prices. Over the past several years, the real estate in Mumbai has seen an increase in price. The city’s high density also helps drive property values up.
  • Dublin: While Ireland suffered during the global recession of 2009, they are now bouncing back with huge increases in real estate prices. We’ve got our eye on this city for what’s coming next.
  • London: London hasn’t had any huge booms recently, but where they do stand out is the extensive offering of luxury real estate. As one of the world’s biggest economic capitals, there’s tons of potential here for those who can afford it.