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We are a real estate blog featuring some of the most stunning homes and commercial properties from around the world. Real estate is about more than just buying and selling – it’s about the places where you live your life. Our goal is to inspire you to find the property you’ve always wanted, whether it’s a comfortable colonial home, a vacation cabin, or a stunning retail space for your business.


On our blog, you can browse articles by location. In addition to featuring properties that have caught our eye, we also report on news from the real estate industry and provide important analytics. While we feature properties from around the world, we do focus on certain metropolitan areas that we believe have the most interesting real estate markets at the moment. Our freelance contributors are based around the globe and all have a background in the real estate industry in some form. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible information on real estate in your area.


If you’re interested in working for us as a freelance writer or photographer, please contact us via email to learn more. We are always looking for new contributors that can provide us with a fresh perspective. We prefer our writers to have previous experience working in the real estate industry, and prior experience working for a blog or website is also helpful. When contacting us regarding these positions, please attach samples of your work.


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